Get the PRO treatment. We collect data from your wearable devices and integrate your biological and medical data to bring you the analysis capabilities that elite athletes have with a dedicated and very costly support team.

Athlete Forward is undergoing major changes to offer you a comprehensive service to help you better understand how your workouts impact your health, your well-being and your performance. We will unveil our new service in the first quarter of 2017. In the meantime you can register as a user to become familiar with our system.

In short, this is what we will do:

1. We begin with an overall assessment of your health - via an initial set of biomarkers.

2. You establish your goals - what you want to achieve and when.

3. Continue your exercise program: track your data and get periodic tests.

Our system will learn from you. We will help you understand what is right and normal for you as an individual. We identify the gaps between the way you feel and how you actually are and explain why