Using The Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you will access and schedule your Exercises, Events, Tests, and keep track of your daily Metrics.

Logging or Scheduling Workouts

It is as simple as dragging-and-dropping one or more workouts from the “Exercises” panel onto the daily or weekly schedule, and click the orange SAVE THIS WEEK button.

How? simply click on a workout on the Exercises panel and drag and drop it onto the schedule. Fill in each relevant field, for example time, distance and exertion. Repeat for every workout that you want to log in your schedule. You can use the drag workouts around to move them within the day or between days. Click the orange SAVE THIS WEEK button to save your work. If you are uploading a file directly from your computer or your fitness device, the main fields will be populated automatically.

To delete a workout, simply click on the at the right hand corner of the workout. If you have previously saved your week, your workout will not be deleted until you click on SAVE THIS WEEK.