Setting The User Profile
Personal Information

This is very basic information that you used when you joined Athlete Forward. Aside from this and your training data, there is no other personal information that we store. If you have questions about how we may use your personal data, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Dashboard Axis: Choose between Time, Distance and Session RPE as the values for the vertical axis on the Dashboard chart.

Units: Set the units you want to see in your workouts. No matter how they are prescribed, or how your device stores them, you will always see your numbers in the units you choose.

Athletic Information

Set the values for the threshold and maximal heart rate and power so that the ranges for each of your Training Levels can be calculated.

Training Levels

Set up to ten training levels or zones. In Athlete Forward, a training level is a number that indicates the intensity of the workout. The higher the level, the higher the workout intensity. Each level can be set using a percentage of either your threshold or your maximum values for heart rate or aerobic power. As a default we present you with some values, which you can customize any time you want.