Individual Athletes, Indoor or outdoor, coached or self-coached, who are looking for a uncluttered and easy-to-use system to manage all their information in one place, including keeping a training log, and view their progress and analyze their data.

Athlete Forward tracks the data key to your success.

»Cyclists, triathletes, swimmers and runners, from joggers to sprinters, can upload power, heart rate and GPS files, and can keep track of time, pace, laps, sets, interval times and distances, energy expenditure, recovery, perceived exertion and more.

»Health club and fitness programs members can track their weight, heart rate, energy expenditure, energy levels, subjective exertion and duration for each of the activities in which they participate such as aerobics, Spinning®, Zumba®, BODYPUMPTM, BODYCOMBATTM, etc, and see how much they are exercising in a given week, month, year and how their stats change over time.

»Individuals taking up an exercise program for the first time because the doctor ordered it, or because simply want to abandon their sedentary lifestyle, can keep track of simple variables such as weight, exercise time and subjective exertion and monitor these variables over time.

Coaches, Trainers and Team Managers

who want to use a single software solution - adaptable to their style - to manage all aspects of their athletes’ training, including managing a library of workouts, schedule competitive events, capture and display the results from performance and clinical tests, and who need to share data across the organization in a professional context.

Clubs and Teams

from a casual group of athletes who decide to train together towards a 5K, half-marathon, or their first triathlon, to organized teams who need to track results, costs, mileage, events, entry fees, and results, and oversee their athletes.


such as health/fitness clubs and gyms, as well as corporations whose interest range from tracking athletic potential and compliance to training and results, to measuring the level of activity of their members and the adoption and effectiveness of their health, wellness or fitness programs.

"Better management of the workout libraries, ability to work/view a team or group of athletes would be great. Auto-fill for stuff that gets done a lot."

"I also work with triathletes and runners that use training paces (vVo2max) for their workouts. It would be nice to have all their training parameters: Power, HR and vVo2max in one easy to access area."

"Linking the individual user's training zones to the workouts automatically. I.e. enter in their HR, pace, or power targets for the workout based on current test or race levels."

"I keep imagining that there must be a less laborious way to layout the workout schedule. Less technical athletes could benefit from a simplified format to enter feedback from workouts without data analysis capabilities to wade through."