We wanted to build better tools that would meet the needs of athletes, coaches, trainers and teams alike.

The tools available out there simply weren’t cutting it for us. Too much data to keep track of in way too many places, using too many boring software tools, lots of emailing back and forth, all making communication and training very complicated and inefficient.

The excerpts to the right expressed a legitimate desire for something better. We identified a real need and we involved the right partners to think out of the box to help us make Athlete Forward not just an effective, but also an engaging and useful application that goes beyond just powerful training management, allowing athletes, coaches, teams and your community to interact all in one place.

Our aspiration was to build a platform so powerful, flexible, yet so user-friendly, that it would become an enabler, not an impediment, to your success. In fact, one of our goals was to make it so engaging, that athletes would want to exercise "just to have an excuse to interact with our software."

We hope you feel our tools make your life easier. But this is just a starting point. We need your help to continue the development of this tool into something that will keep you always moving forward.

"Something simple would be best."

"I use the systems I do because they meet the needs, but it would be great if they were more intuitive and streamlined."

"Hardware Integration and a graphical (calendar) interface with racing plus training schedule integration."

"Something that’s customizable for personalized training zones, with the flexibility to integrate into a weekly workout plan."

"Comparing how you feel at the beginning of ride/race, in the middle and at finish and what was done differently is important."

"Be able to graphically analyze (by dissecting) each training session much more thoroughly."

"View all the information in one place with graphs and be able to dissect them in further detail."

"I'd really like to see a better package that improves on what is available currently for ease of use, communication, and user interface."